About All This

Welcome!  My parents taught me that if you can help, you should help.  Lakewood Law Blog is the blog and educational site of my firm, the Lakewood Law Firm, the Law Office of James V. Sanchez.  It’s my gateway to provide information and insights not only to my clients but to the public as a whole.

Why Use Lakewood Law Blog Instead of the Firm’s Site, LakewoodLaw.com?

There’s an expectation of formality, a type of rigidity in most attorney websites.  LakewoodLaw.com is no exception.  New clients, other attorneys, potential clients, nearly everyone expects fast answers and straight lines. That, unfortunately, is not usually how learning and insight normally comes. Lakewood Law Blog is my way to reach out and actually communicate.  If you still need that rigidity or formality, then you’ll find it better at LakewoodLaw.com.

Be patient with me and I’ll take you on the path I draw.  Hopefully, you will find what you need, and if not, you can always ask.  As the piano man said, all requests taken, and some of them played.

Who created Lakewood Law Blog?


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I’m the oldest son of working class parents.  My dad is a retired, career soldier, Master Sergeant in the U.S. Army, and my mom a nurse’s aid who worked for the same convalescent hospital for around 35 years.   I’m a family man, remarried to a beautiful wife, with a grown step-daughter (who I think of as my own) and hopes for grandchildren in the near future.

Working my way through engineering school, I received my bachelors then my masters degree in engineering. After a career as a developer and businessman, I went into the practice of law.  My first love will always be working out challenges and finding solutions.  I’m a builder at heart.

I spent my first twenty-five years as a software engineer, designer, architect, then Chief Technology Officer.  I’m from McDonnell Douglas, Boeing, TRW, Northrop, eToys, and lastly from Compliance Coach. I’m an entrepreneur, successfully co-founding and selling our internet and financial compliance firm to a fortune 200 company.  I understand what it takes to protect my family, my business, and my interests.

Unfortunately, my youth taught me as much in its adversity and experience as university did.  I know what its like to go through a divorce.  In business as an engineer before becoming an attorney, I made short-sighted agreements weighed simply by trust in my business partners.  Planning is everything and a young man often forgets to plan.

My journey’s long from over, so hopefully we can walk this portion together as our practice grows. It’s called the “practice” of law, and I intend to share as my experience progresses.